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How to handle customer complaints effectively

An essential part of onboarding new support operators is teaching them the right way to talk to customers who aren't happy. Today Alex Ivanovs, of CodeCondo and business/startup columnist for Huffington Post, shares some of his tips for handling customer complaints.

Difficult customers are part of the business process. Nobody likes dealing with them, but often we have to. It's best to be prepared for these situations - like when a customer is typing in ALL CAPS - as some customers might take it a little bit too far.

In this time of social media and global interconnectedness, customer complaints can sometimes gather momentum before we even realize there's a problem. Customers, like us, have the gift of voice and sometimes this gift can get really loud, even uncomfortable.

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How to onboard new live chat operators

If I told you October is the best month for retailers and eCommerce shops to onboard new operators for live chat...would you say that's insane?

True, the timing is a little crazy - we're less than two months out from the start of the holiday shopping season. (Further Reading: 4 predictions for the 2015 holiday shopping season, via Practical eCommerce)

Yet at the end of last year we did an informal poll of retailers (Retail Lessons for 2015) and when asked what they'd do differently for the holiday rush, many retailers said they would have added more operators on live chat:

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Case Study: Turning customer problems into customer success stories

Today's case study comes from Michael Borohovski, co-founder and CTO at Tinfoil Security.

I fell in love with Olark shortly after my co-founder, Ainsley Braun, and I started Tinfoil Security in 2011, mostly because I'm extroverted and gregarious by nature. I'm the type of guy who is absolutely willing to hop on a site, see an Olark chat, and start a conversation. Remarkably, this is exactly how we met one of our future advisors, now also a good friend.We’ve been using Olark for four years now, and while not every chat has led to serendipitous meetings, enough conversations have led to unexpected outcomes that I find it an invaluable resource for meeting people and learning more about our customers.

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How Olark customers build their own creative company retreats

Recently I wrote about The Olark Retreat - why we get the whole company together at least once a year and how we structure that time together.

It turns out our customers also host some unique retreats!

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What is the Olark retreat?

We recently completed our fourth-annual, week-long, all-hands, extra-hyphenated Olark retreat. Since then, I've been fielding lots of questions about our retreat from curious friends: Why do you do it? What do you there? Should my company do a retreat?!

The answer to that last question is unquestionably yes, although it might look very different from ours. To understand why, let's start at the beginning.

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Win a PrestaShop or OpenCart theme for your eCommerce shop

Online retailers listen up - you have 104 days until Cyber Monday.

Now, that might seem like a lot of time, but you know - and I know that you know - holiday shopping season will be here in the blink of an eye. If you're not preparing now, you'll be scrambling come November.

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How to use transcripts to increase conversion rates and profits

Today's guest post from Giles Adam Thomas provides a step-by-step tutorial on how his team achieved a 176.33% conversion rate increase by studying chat transcripts and making simple website copy changes.

Many people believe conversion optimization is the same thing as A/B testing. This is incorrect.

Increasing leads, sales, and more importantly profits from your website and your business requires a focus on increasing your conversion rate.

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Get to know Shortcuts

As one of the project leads for Shortcuts, I'm excited this highly requested feature is finally available, and proud of the great work the team put in to make Shortcuts a reality.

Hopefully you're like the thousands of other Olark paid customers who are using or have used Shortcuts. If you haven't, login to your account and go to your Shortcuts preferences. Go ahead, we'll wait...

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Olark Live Chat Introduces Shortcuts

The newest Olark live chat feature enables operators to respond quicker and access preset text without the use of third party software.

San Francisco, CA, July 14, 2015 - Olark live chat (www.olark.com) today introduced its newest in-platform feature: Shortcuts. Shortcuts allow operators to create commands that expand predefined lines of text, links and other commonly used responses and messages. This feature saves operators time, increases their efficiency and helps Olark users improve their customer experience.

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How we created the Olark tweet your logo form

A little while ago we announced reaching 10,000 paying customers. It was, without a doubt, a huge milestone and we wanted to celebrate. Not only did we want to celebrate, but we wanted to celebrate with our customers who helped to make it all happen.

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