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Olark Live Chat Blog

Best practices on increasing sales and conversions, gathering marketing insights, and providing high quality customer support.

Emily Russell

Emily is Olark's Frontline Support Lead, AKA Customer Happiness Crusader. When she's not chatting or emailing customers she's enjoying life in Sweden with her best friend -- her dog Luna!

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Making Business Human

Olarkers unleashed: The benefits of remote working

This story is part of our Making Business Human series. For more on the series and our mission, check out this post! Olark has always been a remote-friendly company, but earlier this year we decided to say goodbye to our headquarters in San Francisco and fully embrace the remote life. Our team loves working remotely for reasons as unique as Olarkers are! We thought we’d share a few of these reasons with you in our own words to start a discussion about the benefits of remote work.

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