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Creating connections between customers and businesses is at the core of Olark. Since day one, the heart of our product has been about humanizing websites through chat. Our mission can really be boiled down to  a single, short statement: Make Business Human.

We've spent a lot of time ruminating on those three words. Over the years, our values have become a foundation for us to start from. These values help us frame discussions, deal with conflict, and prioritize decisions. They give us a context in which to grow. We don’t always apply them perfectly—but even when we fail, our values help us look at how we could have done better, and create a safe space in which to reflect and improve.

While our values may provide a helpful starting point, they are by no means the end of the conversation. We’re still asking the tough questions: What does it mean to make business human? What does a human business look like, and how can we orient ourselves and our customers towards that goal?

We’ve come up with many, many answers. Some answers got a resounding yes from our team; other answers generated disagreement. Given the depth and complexity of the questions, that’s no surprise. And if we never find the “right” answers, that’s okay. The conversations we have about making business human are a constant reminder of how much diverse perspectives matter, and of how much we have to learn from each other.  

And now, we’d like to invite you to join in! Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our thoughts and ideas related to making business human here on our blog, and across our social media channels. Get ready for a great mix of personal reflection, practical tips, and quirky humor—oh, and maybe a few recipes and pet photos too.

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Most importantly, please comment on these posts with your thoughts and questions. And if a post resonates with you, please pass it on. Making business human may be Olark’s mission, but it’s an idea that’s much bigger than just one company; we need everyone’s help to keep the conversation going.

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Kate Urban

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As Olark's Story Sherpa, Kate is responsible for shaping and shepherding human-centric stories of sales and support (say that ten times fast). In her free time, she enjoys mountain trails, bear hugs, and chocolate everything.