Leadership Resources for Women in Higher Education Administration

As we think about Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect time to gather some of our favorite leadership resources for women in higher ed administration, many of whom work the so-called Second Shift.

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Books for Moms in Higher Education Administration and  Leadership

Leading up to Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all the amazing moms in higher education who are assisting students administratively, often while raising up young minds at home. 

If you’re on that path, we know it’s a balancing act. We hope some of these books can help energize and inform you as you grow your career in higher education.

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The Top Higher Ed KPIs To Track in Live Chat

Tracking higher education key performance indicators (KPIs) is a little like lifting weights… you might have no desire to do it each day, but by the end of the month or year, you’re really glad you did!

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Admissions Questions to Prepare For Your Live Chat Team

If your seasoned enrollment staff are operating live chat, they’ll probably anticipate certain questions. But what if you’re handing off chat to students or other support team members? How can you ensure that they’re prepared for a wide range of admissions questions? 

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Top Books & Podcasts for Higher Ed Enrollment Leaders

It can be tough to find enrollment and higher ed marketing resources, period, let alone ones that address your specific needs. 

Don’t despair though, there are some real gems of industry wisdom sparkling in this mine we call the internet! 

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