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Sunir Shah
Sunir is building Olark's marketing machine through a focused application of engineering.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Outsourcing Live Chat Customer Service Agents

Do you have enough staff to handle customer service?

Are you letting customers fall through the cracks because you can't respond to their questions fast enough?

Are you holding back from fully staffing live chat because you need all hands to focus on email or phone?

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Is the SMB SaaS market too tough?

One week every year I sit down to reflect on the state of the SMB SaaS market, and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

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Why Churn is killing your SaaS business

This article is a prequel to my eBook, "Persuading Customer Support to Sell." In the book, I share how to get Support to contribute to sales in a non-salesy way. Why should they do this? Because it helps you fight churn, and churn is slowly but surely killing your business.

Customer Support doesn't bring in new sales prospects - they prevent churn. They're talking to customers after the purchase to ensure customers are happy. If they're not, then they work to quickly help or appease them so they're either happy again, or not mad enough to leave. 

When a customer leaves you, this is churn. Churn is people falling out of love with your company. Churn is the biggest problem for the lifetime value of a customer.

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All Hands Support brings your team closer to your customers

April is All Hands Support Month here at Olark, during which we'll be sharing tips and stories on how to bring your entire team closer to your customers.

Chief Marketing Olarker, Sunir Shah, recently took time from the 'hurricane' that is South by Southwest (SXSW) to talk with Tech Cocktail about why we do All Hands Support.

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How to master SXSW in 7 steps

SXSW can seem like fun until you're on day four, wondering what the point of life is, with a cumulative hangover and a looming chiropractor's bill for the Airbnb floor you volunteered for in January.

But, IT CAN BE DIFFERENT. Here's a few suggestions to help you rock it.

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Sell more on live chat this holiday shopping season

As the holiday shopping season is now upon us, I went to the blog to share some insight on what parts of the purchasing process are most critical during the holiday shopping season.

You can read that article here. It's a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

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Learn how to sell by doing support

Psst. I have a secret: Customer service is mostly sales! I will teach you to sell better by doing customer support.

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Why are we offering everyone free unlimited Olark operators for a month?

It's not the average day that your company blows up their pricing for a month. On April 24, All Hands Support Day, we're offering all our paying accounts unlimited free operators for a month.

This may be a great idea, it may be a terrible idea, but it is definitely a principled idea. Not to mention, an awesome idea--one we've been practicing ourselves since Olark began!

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