Why are we offering everyone free unlimited Olark operators for a month?

Why are we offering everyone free unlimited Olark operators for a month?

It's not the average day that your company blows up their pricing for a month. On April 24, All Hands Support Day, we're offering all our paying accounts unlimited free operators for a month.

This may be a great idea, it may be a terrible idea, but it is definitely a principled idea. Not to mention, an awesome idea--one we've been practicing ourselves since Olark began!

Everyone should talk to customers

Last week we planted our flag and declared that April is All Hands Support Month. This entire month, we are telling the story of why many companies, including Olark, ask everyone on their staff to do customer support.

If everyone in the company is in the business of serving the customer, shouldn't everyone talk to their customers? However, many companies separate the customers from the executives, engineering, operations, and marketing teams with the customer support team. Even the sales team is insulated from the full life cycle experience of their customers if they never have to do customer support.

When everyone does support, everyone can empathize with the pains and triumphs of the customer's experience. We believe companies that stay closer to customers also understand their customers more, react faster to customer demand, keep customers loyal, and as a result make more money.

Why we need to blow up our pricing

If you take us up on the challenge to try All Hands Support at your company, you may notice that Olark charges you by the number of operators on your team. We didn't want that to be a barrier to trying All Hands Support yourself.

Well, there's only one awesome solution to that problem. If we're asking you, our customers, to take a radical leap of faith with us by practicing All Hands Support, we too must take a radical leap of faith with you. So, we are blowing up our pricing for a month. With dynamite.

That's why we're offering all paying accounts unlimited Olark operators for free for a month.

Now, you really can get your whole staff talking to, learning from, and answering your customers as they use your website. It'll be an amazing experience for your company.

[Update: This offer was only available during April 2014. This offer is now over.]

If you don't have an Olark account, create one here. If you need to, you can upgrade to a paying plan from here.

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