Rhoda Meek

Rhoda Meek
Rhoda Meek is Director of Customer Service, aka Customer Service Warrior, at Olark. Rhoda lives in Tiree, Scotland, and when she's not helping customers, you can find her fishing and growing vegetables in her backyard.

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Lighting of the Redwood: A remote celebration

This story is part of our Making Business Human series. For more on the series and our mission, check out this post!

….Think Morgan Freeman’s voice as you’re reading this….

Long ago in a land called Palo Alto, four founders embarked on a journey to change online chatting. They lived and worked together in a house with a garden. In the garden grew a  faithful redwood tree, Dory.

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Service Standards: The challenge of making them human

The Customer Service team at Olark recently published our first set of service standards, and we’re pretty excited about it!

Here we have some of the Olark Customer Service team, frolicking happily on a recent team retreat, including Dennis (holding the paper pad above his head), Emily to his left, Brian to her left, Alicia across from Brian, Rhi getting ready to make notes happen, Sarah listening attentively, and Brooke sporting our retreat hoody from Estes Park.
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How we migrated 500K+ customer cases to Help Scout

When you have a case history in excess of half a million, the thought of switching help desk software can be more than a little daunting. But in June of this year, the Customer Service team at Olark decided to take the plunge.

As we undertook this behemoth of a help desk migration, we made a note of some of the things we did to make it go smoothly.

Today, we’re sharing our top tips with you!

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