How to reach Olark during the 2016 holidays

Can you believe that it's almost 2017?  At Olark we end each year with a reduced support schedule to give our entire team an opportunity to reflect and spend time with their families.

Starting Monday, December 26 our team will be taking time away from the computer to join family and friends for the holiday season. Our regular support schedule will resume on Tuesday, January 3.

From all of us at Olark, to all of you and your family and your friends - Happy Holidays!

This blog post outlines those hours, how to reach us with questions, and how to find many answers to your questions on your own (it's quite easy, I promise).

Before we get to that though, I want to take time to reflect on some of the incredible work our team has done this year.

The new Olark

2016 was a big year for us at Olark.  A year full of transitions on our team and for our product. Behind the scenes we increased our development velocity to bring faster and more stable product innovation.

This work culminated with the launch of an entirely new Olark chat box, called Hummingbird, and Hummingbird is just the tip of the iceberg. Hummingbird is a new platform that will allow us to bring more value to the visitor experience quicker than ever.

We will be giving you better tools for qualifying your most important leads, and making it even easier for you to serve your customers.

For those of you more technically inclined, Hummingbird also features a completely new backend built on React and Redux.

We even brought back some holiday themes - you can see one of them in our chat tab right now.

In addition to a new look for Olark, we also introduced:

  • A completely new integration portal, including integrations with Groove, Help Scout, and Front
  • Improved training (schedule a call with our success team for January)
  • Simplified pricing, to make it easy to add the right number of operators for your account.

And much more that isn't customer facing.

In the last few months, I've spent time talking to many of our customers. I hear your feedback! You want improvements to our tagging, reporting, and error handling when there are connectivity issues; and you're curious about how AI can make your jobs easier.

We want to help your company grow, and even though we've worked to make Olark a more powerful platform, there is still much I can learn from you. If you'd like to tell me more about your needs for 2017, reach out to I'll be setting up more calls for January and beyond.  

Olark Customer Support during the holidays

You can email with any inquiries for our support team from Monday, December 26 through Tuesday, January 3.

You can also tweet to us @OlarkSupport.

Members of our customer support team and engineering team will be monitoring and replying to emails and tweets throughout each day.

Live chat on will be back starting at 6:00am PST on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Any scheduled system maintenance?

We do not have any system maintenance scheduled over the holidays, but as always you can check the Olark Status Page to receive updates on service interruptions, scheduled or otherwise.

Where can I find Olark FAQs?

If you need to find an answer to your question, keep these resources nearby:

The Olark help section - this is our full library of help documentation. In fact, you should bookmark this page now if you haven't already.

Our most popular help articles include:

If you're just getting started with Olark:

Thank you again for making 2016 such a great year!

Thank you, again, for being an Olark customer.

For me 2016 was about creating the building blocks for a new Olark. 2017 is when these investments will pay off. We have quite an exciting year ahead of us, full of new features, integrations, and training that will help you increase your sales, improve your service, advance your career, and achieve your business goals.

Peace, Love, and Happy Holidays, see you in 2017!

Ben Congleton is the CEO and co-founder of Olark Live Chat.

- Ben Congleton, co-founder and CEO, Olark

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