Make customer service more human by combining Olark and Help Scout

More choices. More power to you. 

We've talked before about why it's important to connect Olark Live Chat and a CRM or help desk solution. It makes the qualitative data contained in transcripts actionable and more valuable, improving retention and increasing the likelihood of future sales.

As an independent live chat platform, our value is multiplied by the number of platforms we enable our users to connect with. By offering you more platform options to connect with, we increase the power you have to provide a high quality customer experience.

So, our team has been hard at work to provide our users with more integration options. That started when we re-launched our integrations portal in the Olark dashboard. (If you haven't seen the redesigned Olark integrations portal, check it out.)

Today we're excited to announce another great addition to our list of integrations: Help Scout.

The Olark Live Chat and Help Scout integration

Starting today, Olark users can easily connect Olark and Help Scout, and begin sending Olark transcripts to customer records in Help Scout using the !case command.

Now you can integration Olark Live Chat and Help Scout for even better customer support.

Setting up the integration is easy:

1.) Go to

2.) Find Help Scout in the list of integrations and click the arrow.

3.) Follow the instructions to turn on your Help Scout integration.

In addition to attaching the content of a conversation to a customer record, Help Scout will also receive customer profile information such as IP address, location, and browser/OS. This information is added as a separate note on the transcript.

Each conversation is marked as a chat, for quick reference, so no conversation slips through the cracks.

 Get Started with Help Scout + Olark 

New to Help Scout?

Help Scout gives your support team the tools they need to make customer support more human and more helpful (you can tell why they're a good fit for Olark users!) The Help Scout platform includes a scaleable email help desk, knowledge base for customer self service, and Beacon - a predictive help center widget.

Join the 700+ companies that have already connected their Olark accounts with Help Scout. As Nick Francis, Help Scout CEO says, “we’re thrilled to have hundreds of Olark customers pushing their chat transcripts into Help Scout today. After a simple setup process, this is one of those ‘set it and forget it’ integrations that adds value to your business every single day." 

Read more on Help Scout to see if their platform is right for your business needs.

We're just getting started

Our team is hard at work to deliver integrations that will have a positive impact for your business.

You might remember back in September we announced the Olark and Groove integration. Now that same easy setup is available for Help Scout, and in the coming weeks we have more platform integrations to announce.

And if we don't currently offer an integration that you'd like to use, let us know in the comments and we'll add it to our list.

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