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Question: I’m concerned that the visitors I chat with won’t remember everything I’ve shared with them.  Help?


So you've just had a fantastic chat. You've answered the hard questions. Shared links. Dropped some serious knowledge. It was the kind of chat you'd like the visitor to remember forever because everything they needed to know (and then some!) was brilliantly hand crafted and shared in the chat box. It was so good you want to print out a copy and send it to your mom 'cause you know she'll print it out and add it to her scrapbook of all of the things you do that make her proud to say "that's my kid!".

Alas, chats have to end at some point. There is no more knowledge to share. Someone needs to grab lunch. You've hit the point where you're just being creepy. If only there was something you could do to make sure your visitor has all of the information you shared so they can refer back to it later....

Oh wait! You can send them a transcript! Your visitor can receive an email with all of your glorious words! I like to use a shortcut to say:

"can I send you a transcript of this chat so you have the links and info? If so, what's the best email address to send it to?"

Personally, I like to ask the question and request an email address all at once so my visitor doesn't feel like I'm trying to trick them into sharing their personal info. If they agree to your request (most do) you can:

!email email address they have given you - this sets the email address for the visitor. It's especially handy for sales chats so you can follow up as appropriate

!send email address they have given you - this sends the transcript to them

Now they'll be emailed a copy of your knowledge bomb that they can refer to as needed.

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