New: Save customer insights — and put ‘em to work! — with Notes

Every time you interact with a lead or customer on chat, you learn something new about their goals, preferences, and priorities. From the seemingly minor (e.g., shipping preferences) to the sales and marketing “jackpot” (e.g., a detailed summary of a customer’s motivations for using your product), quick access to customer information can be a game-changer for growing your business… we’re making it easier to store and retrieve it during a chat, with a new feature we call Notes.

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Notes help you capture the insights you gain on chat, share them with your team, and use them to nurture leads and upsell returning customers. Here’s how they work:

• At any time during a chat, you can use the !note command in the chat console to add a note to your conversation

• (if you're on a paid plan) Notes and transcripts from past conversations with your current visitor are displayed in the chat console sidebar, giving you a quick view of the visitor's complete chat history

If you're on a free plan, now is a great time to upgrade to get the full benefit of Notes! A paid plan is less expensive than a daily coffee (and almost as energizing ;-), and includes all the magic of Notes plus lots of other awesome features.

So, next time you uncover a stunning insight while chatting, don’t scrabble for a scrap of paper — try adding a Note, and let us know how it goes!

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If you have questions about Notes, just swing by to chat. We’d love to help!

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