How to reach Olark during our annual company retreat

Starting today (Friday, August 11, 2017) the Olark Customer Support team is headed to Traverse City, MI for Olark's annual company retreat.

What is the Olark Retreat? Well, it's the one time each year that our entire remote team comes together in one location for reflection on the past year, and planning for the upcoming year.

We primarily spend our retreat time being present with our teammates - catching up after a year apart, meeting new teammates for the first time, and working on the strengthening the framework of our values and culture.  

We also spend a lot of time on retreat brainstorming ways to make Olark better for you. 

As you probably understand, neither connecting with teammates nor product brainstorming is effective if the participants are less than fully invested mentally.

As such, we shut down our live chat support during this week so the team can be present with each other and focused on the future.

Does this mean we're abandoning you?

We would never!!

How to reach Olark during our retreat

Please email with any support questions or concerns.

Or feel free to tweet to us @OlarkSupport

Everyone from our engineers to our executive team will be checking and responding to emails and tweets on the regular.

What about system downtime?

We don't have any downtime planned while we're away, and we're not expecting any outages (but who ever is really though?).

However, if you think something may be amiss on our end you can always check our status page to see if there are any delays or issues: Olark Status Page

Where else can I find some answers fast?

There are a few helpful resources to keep close:

The Olark Help Center

Popular help articles include:

If you're just getting started with Olark:

We'll resume our usual chat support schedule on Monday, August 21st.

Thanks for understanding, and we hope you have a great week!

The Olark team - we love making live chat software for your website!

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