Effective Olark API Use: Getting started with the Olark API

If you're an advanced Olark API user, you might want to skip straight to our full API section. If you're a new Olark API user, then you've come to the right place.

Olark live chat lets you do so many things. Talk to your customers, see what they are looking at, even show them how to do things on their screen with no extra installations.

Ever want to do even more with Olark? Our API allows you to get amazing results with a little code.

CEO and co-founder Mark Silliman of Smartwaiver explains how the Olark API (the hipster way to say "Application Programming Interface") came in handy:

"We love chatting with our customers but asking them who they are after they've already logged in makes us look not so smart. We also use Desk.com as our CRM and to optimize our customer experience we need logs of all emails and chats in the same place."

"It was extremely simple. If one knows a little bit of JQuery, using the Olark API is a piece of cake. We added just two lines of code to our website to make the Desk integration work seamlessly. Took us less than five minutes to set up!"

In addition to our super-easy Javascript API, here are several cool things you can do with our Webhooks API and CRM integrations.

Our Javascript API also allows you to add a Click to Chat button. Or send visitors a message when you're delayed in replying to their chat. Find out even more at our helpdesk!

You can even find some helpful developer tools built into chat, no code required. Just type the !develop command from the operator side of the chat, and the Olark Inspector will pop up in the visitor chatbox. You can test simulating a first-time visitor and changing pages, which is handy when testing your chat rules.

A little code is a beautiful thing!

How do you use the API? Comment here or talk to other Olarkers and get tips in our Help Center.

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