What Would Barbara Do: Exiting a chat that's probably done

Question: How can I elegantly wrap up a chat when I need to leave my desk?


We've all been there - you need to log out of chat because you've got a meeting (lunch, your shift is done, etc) but you've still got that one open chat. No one has said anything in a bit and you're pretty sure it's ended, but...... How do you wrap it up without feeling like a jerk?

If chat will be online for a while longer I like to use a shortcut to say:

My apologies, but I've got to step away for a meeting. I'll be back in a little bit if you've got any more questions (or one of the other support folks will be around to help you out!)

If it's the end of the day and chat will be offline soon I like to use a shortcut to say:

My apologies, but I'm heading out for the night. If you've got any more questions feel free to ask one of the other support folks who are around or send us an email at support@olark.com

But wouldn't this be a rude thing to say in the middle of an active chat? YES! Yes, yes, yes. If you're actively engaged in a chat and you NEED to go (yup, it happens and it's a-ok) check with the other available agents and transfer the visitor after letting them know you're transferring. If it's a complicated issue, reassuring them that you've gotten the next agent up to speed on what's happening will be much appreciated as well.

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