What Would Barbara Do: Does phrasing matter?

I like to end my chats with “Thanks for stopping by!” — but some of my colleagues use “It was a pleasure talking with you!” Is one better than the other? Or does it not matter?


Yep, phrasing definitely matters. It isn't just about the things you say — folks respond differently depending on the words you choose. For example, think about :

Anything else I can help you with?

Compared to:

What other questions can I answer about Olark?

Both questions ask basically the same thing, but they feel different. Which one makes you want to ask more questions? For me, the second definitely prompts me to take a minute and really try to think of more questions to ask, while the first is more likely to trigger a quick “ Nope, I’m all good!”

Or, how 'bout these two options at the end of a chat:

Let me know if anything else comes up!


Keep the questions coming as you run into 'em!

They're both friendly and let folks know you're available for more questions, but which do you think would motivate a user to come back and chat again?

So, does this mean one phrase is always better than the other? Absolutely not. As always, you want to match tone and intention when you're chatting as best you can. I tend to use the first of both phrases for visitors who have specific questions and who feel more familiar with Olark.  The second of both phrases works better for more general questions and visitors who are less sure of what they’re asking.

The main takeaway is that the way you phrase your chats matters. Take a look at the way you say things and make sure you're really saying what you mean! :) Or, if you always use the exact same greeting or sign-off, try mixing up your phrasing, and you might stumble on a new way to connect with your visitors.

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