Sarah Karney

Sarah Karney
Sarah Karney is a BigCommerce researcher and copywriter. She has two years of editorial experience as a copywriter for Dreamtown Creative and previously for the United Way, where she helped to increase funds and awareness for one of the nation's largest non-profit organizations. She's also written and marketed extensively for musicians, music companies and music festivals –– working to spread awareness of good tunes and helping great artists become financially independent.

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The power of love: How to turn Valentine’s Day customers into lifelong customers

Today's post comes from our friends at BigCommerce, the all-in-one shopping cart software that helps you accept payments, grow sales, and builld a gorgeous website (and bonus: integrates with Olark Live Chat!). Check out our integration and learn more about BigCommerce here. 

Are you still recovering from the whirlwind of 2016’s end-of-year holiday shopping sprees? Ready or not, here Valentine’s Day comes, and though it may not be as monumental in terms of driving revenue as Black Friday is, it’s still a huge opportunity for your online store.

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