John Dubock

John Dubock
John is a future forward salesperson testing the latest sales software on a daily basis. Working in eight time zones with 24,000 prospects arranging live demos of BuildTools software, John's goal is to do the work of 3-4 people. He is part digital nomad, and part chained to a home office screen.

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A day in the life of a live chat salesperson

[Editor's Note] Today's article comes from an Olark friend, Mr. John Dubock, a software specialist for John first wrote us to share some of the huge sales numbers he was getting from chat on his company's site, so we asked him to share what his sales day on chat is like. If you have questions about his setup, or specific tactics for selling, leave them in the comments and John will get back to you like he does on chat...ASAP! [-Karl] 

Salespeople today have amazing selling tools to choose from, but they really only need two: a chat platform and their favorite CRM.

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