Jevin Maltais

Jevin Maltais
Jevin is the editor of Ecommerce Growth Weekly, and runs Quickjack Solutions, a boutique software and growth consulting firm. He is quirky and lovable.

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Tips to improve Shopify conversions

There may have been 101 dalmatians, but did you also know there are 101 tactics you can try to increase conversions in your Shopify store? Jevin Maltais, editor of Ecommerce Growth Weekly and ownerof QuickJack Solutions, wrote a cracking article that lists those 101 tactics, which you can read here. The following is an excerpt of Jevin's article that highlights some of those tactics.

There are a myriad of ways to remedy an issue on your Shopify site, especially if sales aren't meeting expectations. But which best help increase conversions?

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