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Jack Saville

Jack Saville
Jack is an Online Marketer at Bynder Digital Asset Management, and describes himself as an SEO guy and semi-finalist at the Newcastle Beer Pong Championship 2012.
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Customer Support

UK Customer Service Trends

This following article comes from Olark contributor Jack Saville at Bynder Digital Asset Management. Today Jack's sharing current emerging trends for UK customer services, a topic which should prove particularly helpful for those who already have a customer base in the UK or are looking to expand.

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Olark Customers

Case Study: Smart Pension uses live chat data for partnerships

It's okay to be selfish with your live chat data. Yes, it's great to help your customers, but you should be asking, "What can these customer conversations do for me?"

That's what we started doing about six months ago and it's been a huge benefit to our company in the way we're developing strategic partnerships.

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