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Alicia Suttie

Alicia Suttie
Alicia is the Olarker of Gilead (thankee-sai) and also a Full-Stack Engineer. She is an avid reader (a skill she developed while hiding from Canadian winters), rapier swords master in training, and resident hippie.

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Making Business Human

From support to full stack engineer

What I’ve learned journeying from the Olark support department to our engineering team in 22 months.

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Olark Essentials

Olark Live Chat and Google Analytics integration documentation

Here at Olark, we’re committed to building integrations with complementary analytics, CRM, and help desk platforms that will boost our users' business.

Google Analytics (GA) is one of our most popular integrations, and is arguably the most popular web analytics service in the world. Data from BuiltWith shows that nearly 76% of the 100,000 top websites in the world use GA. And here at Olark, we found that more than 40% of our paying customers use the Olark and Google Analytics integration.

However, for a long time GA was a major customer support bottleneck for us. We knew enough to handle most basic GA questions, but none of us were GA experts or used GA on a regular basis, and so as a team we would struggle with deeper or more specific customer questions.

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