Introducing the Olark and HubSpot integration

At Olark, we're committed to making business human. Whether your sales team uses Olark Live Chat to increase leads, or provide exceptional Customer Support, creating personable, human connections starts with understanding your customers' needs.

That's why we're very excited to announce that the Olark and HubSpot CRM integration is now availble in HubSpot Connect.

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If you're not familiar with HubSpot, it's the #1 CRM solution for managing connections and marketing automation activities. The Olark and HubSpot integration helps your team work smarter, and ensures that customer feedback is accessible across your entire organization.

With the integration enabled, your chat team can see real-time updates to customer records, making personalized and timely follow-up easier.

Let's take a look at how it works.

The Olark Live Chat integration for HubSpot

Olark users rely on HubSpot to generate more traffic and convert leads into sales. The integration makes it easy for your team to send a record of a customer conversation to your HubSpot CRM.


Olark Live Chat sends data to HubSpot CRM in the form of customer information including email, page that the chat started on, and the entire conversation between customer and business. This insight improves website marketing efforts by turning the live chat data from Olark into actionable insights in the HubSpot CRM to better inform your sales and marketing teams.

With the Olark Live Chat integration, users can:

  • Record conversations as transcripts and attach them to contacts in HubSpot, without leaving the chat console.
  • Automatically create a new lead from a chat with a new website visitor. Simply use the '!lead' or '!case' command during a chat.
  • Give your operators additional information about who they're chatting with.
  • Score leads based on chat interactions in order to segment and prioritize your prospects.
  • Make use of HubSpot prospect tracking.

Perhaps best of all - the Olark + HubSpot integration comes at no additional cost, and doesn't require any programming to integrate the two platforms.

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To get started with the Olark and HubSpot integration today, go to the Olark integrations portal to turn it on:

Connect Olark and HubSpot

Sales teams and marketers need qualitative data. It's how they understand their users, and their potential users, and ensure their product and collateral meets the needs and expectations of everyone. 

Simply follow the instructions to link the two platforms.

The HubSpot integration is the first of a few marketing-related integrations we have planned over the next few weeks. If you'd like to see what integrations are on the immediate horizon, visit our 'New Integrations' page to sign-up for updates.

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