Olark Live Chat Offers New Sounds for Operator Notifications

In the early days of Olark, the only choice you had for notifications in the in-browser chat was the default "pop" sound for incoming and outgoing chat messages.

A lovely sound to be sure, especially when you hear it all day long during hundreds of chats. But feedback we've received from the field was that for some, the "pop" is just not arresting enough, especially in a busy office with phones ringing and many things vying for your attention.

So, by popular demand, please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to our latest feature enhancement: New sounds for the Olark in-browser chat (chat.olark.com).

Ryan, our resident heavy metal guitar player and audio-nerd built some custom sounds for you to choose from when using in-browser chat.

There are five:

Here's how to make your selection and set it up:

1. In chat.olark.com, click on the gear icon right next to the status bar.

2. This gives you a pop up with your choices:

Yep, it's really just as easy as that. Each operator can change it for themselves anytime depending on their mood.

Thanks to all the wonderful customers who took the time to let us know what we needed to do to make the Olark in-browser chat experience a better one. If you have ideas, for us, come chat or leave them in the comments.

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