Phillip Whisenhunt

Phillip Whisenhunt
Phillip is an engineer at Olark. When not coding, he enjoys cooking from scratch, traveling, reading, endurance sports, and the outdoors.

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How a SaaS company evolves its front-end tech stack

If you’ve done any sort of front-end engineering work over the past few years you’ve more than likely been inundated by the sheer volume of new technologies at your disposal. From Backbone.js to React, the rate at which new front-end technologies come out is rapid enough to make anyones head spin.

Staying abreast of the latest front-end technologies is hard, but determining which are suitable for your team and product is even harder. Here at Olark our front-end technology stack has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. From our early days of using vanilla JavaScript, to wrestling with large scale Backbone.js apps, to where we’ve landed today with React and Flux, our front-end stack has continuously evolved.

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