Michael Borohovski

Michael Borohovski
Michael Borohovski is co-founder and CTO at Tinfoil Security.

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Case Study: Turning customer problems into customer success stories

Today's case study comes from Michael Borohovski, co-founder and CTO at Tinfoil Security.

I fell in love with Olark shortly after my co-founder, Ainsley Braun, and I started Tinfoil Security in 2011, mostly because I'm extroverted and gregarious by nature. I'm the type of guy who is absolutely willing to hop on a site, see an Olark chat, and start a conversation. Remarkably, this is exactly how we met one of our future advisors, now also a good friend.We’ve been using Olark for four years now, and while not every chat has led to serendipitous meetings, enough conversations have led to unexpected outcomes that I find it an invaluable resource for meeting people and learning more about our customers.

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