10 things you want to know about Olark Live Chat


After a number of surveys to understand what our customers really want to know about Olark, the data has been collated and indexed, and compiled in this top 10 list below.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you find this useful!

1. How do you place Olark on the side of my website?

2. How do I make Olark in my own language?

3. How do I use Olark from my phone?

4. How do I assign customers to certain operators, like sales or support?

5. How do I get the customer's attention?

6. Can I completely customize the look of Olark (with custom CSS)?

7. Can I move Olark to a different corner?

8. Can I show a photo of myself when chatting with customers?

9. Can I transfer a chat to someone else?

10. Where can I get an invoice?

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