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Have you ever wished you could just make someone go exactly where you say? With Olark chat software, you can!

With the “!push” command in Olark live chat, your customers are sent right to the pages you want them to see. Need to send them to a helpdesk article, to a particular item they would love or to your awesome features page? Just type !push into your chat console and your visitor will be whisked away to where they need. It’s easier than teleportation!

The team at CustomMade (an awesome marketplace for custom made products) often uses the !push tool to help customers.

Tammy from CustomMade says:

“The !push feature has been fantastic for guiding CustomMade Buyers and Makers to helpful and informative pages on our site that they may not have found otherwise.”

“One of the most useful features of !push is that it helps direct our users to relevant help sections on the CustomMade site to further assist them; which in turn helps increase our team’s productivity by cutting back on time and resources spent answering frequently asked questions.”

Tip: you can even use the !push command to send visitors to other sites- even if they don’t have Olark live chat, you can continue your conversation. Or, if you want to send them to a site without your chatbox showing up, type the plus sign (“+”) before the link and it will open in a new window.

Push up your productivity with !push!

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