A public apology to our otherworldly customers

By Auxli

At Olark, we deeply value inclusion and diversity. It has recently come to our attention that our motto “Make Business Human” is anthropocentric and excludes other sapient life forms.

We would like to sincerely apologize for this oversight, and we thank the Aurgix people who hail from Gliese 581g in the Libra constellation for bringing this to our attention.

To rectify this, Olark will now endeavor to “Make Service Sapient” - we believe our live chat software should be used by any life form who wants to grow their business!

We do our best to provide fantastic service to all customers, no matter where in the universe you are located.*

We also reached out to SpaceX, who will drop Olark shirts off to our new friends on Gliese 581g at their earliest convenience.


Your Intergalactic Friends at Olark

* Please be aware black holes and distances spanning light years may cause a lag in response time.


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Auxli is a member of Olark's new Sapient Relations Team. He's currently working remotely from the surface of the Galilean moon Europa, where he enjoys ice fishing, ice skating, and sketching cold-tolerant amoeba.